Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Football Season all Over Again!

Its 80 degrees out, all the 12-14 year old boys from Sedona are suited up and ready for their first scrimmage against Cottonwood. We drop Alexander and Luis off at their practice.. then Mana and I continue on stopping at our local discount store trying to find some good deals to send off to Elder Burke. We found a brag album (50 page photo album) some of his favorite candy and a couple more ties (he requested pink? go figure!) Then met up with Paul for dinner at this local restaurant called Kurt's Main St Grille. I ordered the salmon and Paul the rib eye. Its looks perfect! but unfortunately mine is over salted. Why do some chefs love to over salt their food. However, Mana's grilled cheese and fries were perfection... so he says! We jump into the car and take off for the scrimmage and the kids look awesome, pumped up and ready to play. Alexander does a great job, blocking, tackling and running. Not bad for his first game. Mana just had a great time running around the field, up and down the stadium bleachers and trying to do his hand stands. All in all a great day, hopefully its a good sign for the team. Let's go Scorpions!


  1. How fun! Let us know when he has some games in Sedona. Ty would love to watch one or two (as would I). He looks so cute in uniform (ooops...I mean handsome)! :0)

  2. I will Jen. Yesterday was his first scrimmage at the high school stadium. He loved it!

  3. That blurry photo in the center was coach's attempt! Nice try!