Friday, January 15, 2010

A Place Called Tlaquepaque, Jalisco Mexico

When friends ask where Jordan is I tell them he's in a town called Tlaquepaque, Jalisco. Its population is around 560,000 and the word Tlaquepaque means in Nahuatl "The place above clay land". It has wonderful and colorful stores most famous for their blown glass and pottery. Another town close by it Zapotec, most well known for their rugs. There is a beautiful garden named after "the father of Mexico's independence" Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the garden being called El Jardin Hidalgo.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Elder Burke

This is what happens when you purchase cheap shirts on sale!

Well Jordan's doing great in the metropolis of Guadalajara Mexico. He's in an area called Tlaquepaque which is interesting for us because we have a wonderful shopping area in town named after that famous mexican plaza. The architecture is almost similar but we don't have the wonderful colors they do in Mexico. He's living with five other missionaries in a very small house. He said its tough keeping it clean but they make sure to fix it up every P-day (its a day dedicated to laundry, letters, cleaning and playing) and he also thinks its fun being with the other guys. He had the opportunity to take some people who are investigating the church to the temple grounds and enjoy the beauty there. He loves his mission, the people of Mexico, Guadalajara and barely misses us. Hahaha... but we miss him!