Monday, November 22, 2010

Barn Sale!

We had the greatest time selling some of our wares at a "Barn Sale" located in Camp Verde, AZ last Friday. It wasn't really in a barn but held in the huge front yard of a sweet ol' gal Faye's home. This is a photo of her home and the embience was perfect!

Some of the furniture there were incredible pieces. Done in a the "shabby chic" styles with cute accents. Mel and I brought along our old Mexican tables and sold them before the sale even started. That was a good sign!

It was well worth the trouble of hauling our two loaded vehichles with unwanted items. Remember that catchy phrase, someone elses junk is your treasures... or vice versa! I was so proud of myself for just purchasing $3 worth of "treasures or junk" that whole day.