Monday, November 2, 2009

Jordan's (Elder Burke) & Guadalajara

Elder Jordan Burke and Hyke Hernandez
Looks like he needs some longer pants!

Elder Martinez and Elder Jordan Burke with their first Goul!

The four missionaries and Hyke Garcias Hernandez with his family

Well Jordan had a wonderful Halloween. He had his first baptism. Hyke Garcias Hernandez. It was one of the "coolest experiences" in his mission so far...hahaha, his words. He said Hyke felt like Michael Phelps when he was in the water. He was so happy he gave Jordan his best Luchador mask. Then he said something to the affect of "this computer sucks I have to fix it!" then he signed off with his love to everyone.... oh well. As parents we just love any email we get from our missionaries, even if its things like..."this computer sucks!"

I'm happy for now and its time to do the mundane things like clean, the laundry and go to the market... how boring!