Friday, April 23, 2010

More Photo's from Elder Burke

Love his letters and thought I'd post this one from last week.

Well this week has been a really good week. We have a baptism date with a lady about 31 years old named Lili, and she had lot of real good questions about some great stuff. One of the questions was about marriage in the temple. I reminded her about the special purpose of the family and told about how being sealed in the temple forever is one of the most special and sacred things we do as members of the church and could tell that she also knew how important it is and how sacred and special it is as well. She just kind of sat there while nodding her head yes:) She is a lovely lady and I love to see people grow spiritually because it brings such joy to thier faces.

There is a family that is super cool too. There is a sister in our ward and has 5 sons age 16 to age 27 and they are all super cool (did I mention that already). Mario, Jesus, Memo, Pablo, MoƬ, and there cousin Joseph. We would pass their home often and before and they would tell us that they are gonna go to church but they wouldnt go. Then last week we passed by thier house and Pablo, one of the sons asked us if we could return tomorrow to talk about the book of mormon with him the next morning. we went back the next morning and he asked the same thing if we could return agian the next. He asked us everyday if we could came back and everyday we did and talked a lot about the book of mormon and they like it a lot too. They are also super big music fans like metallica, rage agianst the machine, bob marley, kiss, ozzy osbourne and so on. So we talked a bit about music too and just became super good friends with all of them. that Saturday they told us they were all gonna come to church that Sunday. I remember being in sacrament meeting and looking over at the door and seeing Memos face and I jumped up and ran over to them. All of them came to church for the fisrt time in forever and Joseph invited his girlfriend too. Even crazier is after sacrement they asked where the next class was. There was no class for them so i took them into an empty classroom and taught them all about the story of Ammon. The missionary who converted the Lamanite king Lamoni. They all stayed and afterwards invited us to dinner and to have a family home evening with them later. So we went by and ate and I taught the family home evening. Memo said a closing prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for bringing back the church into their lives and being on the right path.

It was so great so hear that and to be able to activate them and see them be super happy. So this week we are going to do the same thing. Pass by and meet with them first thing in the morning and teach. My comp just loves it too and is super excited about it. I tell ya that this expirience alone has made a big part of my mission and definetly seeing this change.

Well that is all family I have to go know but if you could all pray for them to keep them going please do. I dont want to have changes and hear that they not going anymore cuz im not there.
oh ya and they're are going to throw me a birthday party to with tamales and stuff.

Love you all
Elder Bub Burke