Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting Back on Track!

Okay, its time to get back on track and do more Burke family posts for the whanau at home in New Zealand and other family members who aren't near by.  We just recently had a bonfire at our home in the back yard.  The boys just love getting into all kinds of mischief when a fire is going.

 Paul is pulling some splinters from his fingers from the old dry wood!

 Tai showing us how to 'fish' for fire!

 Jordan telling us a funny story.

Roger wearing his Seahawk hoodie for the playoffs!

We had a great time and since we've all decided to be healthy ... again... there were no marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers tonight.  That was tough!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Professor Mana Burke...

"Hey mom, guess what? I can actually see better now with these new glasses!" We love them and hopefully it will keep him from running into the walls and doors.

Monday, March 28, 2011

ASU Bound!

When Jordan gets back.... he's been accepted to Arizona State University.... Go Sun Devils!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Aloha Spirit in Tempe!

Here we go again... we just can't get enough of the Aloha Festival. Its an event my whole family looks forward to every year. The ono grinds, smells of the flower lei's, seeing old friends and most of all the beautiful dancing.

We first stopped at L&L Hawaiian BBQ for our lunch on Happy Valley Rd... okay, we weren't at the Aloha Festival eating the food offered from the vendors but we prefer a $7 plate over a $12 plate anyday. Plus L&L brings back the old memories of living in Hawaii. Once we arrived at the festival we could hear the pounding of the distant drums, palm trees swaying in the breezes, smells of the kalua pig being roasted (not really but maybe chicken) and we knew we were home again.

We enjoyed watching Kilali's Hula troop first. They were incredible! Gladys and Nauma Apelu are the founders of the group and they worked in the Samoan Village at the Polynesian Cultural Center when Mel and I were there working in the Maori village. She's still gorgeous as ever as well as Nauma being handsome and now its their children that are keeping the heritage going. After hanging around in the HOT HOT weather for a couple hours I was all pau! (done) and Mana looked like he was ready to expire so we retired to our hotel room.

Maryella and I are such cheap skates we always look for great deals on lodgings (usually with Pricline) two or three days before we need to be there. That way hotels release more rooms at a bargain price. We ended up with one we have never been to before, the Fiesta Inn Resort. It was hey okay for the price we got. $70 per room and no resort fees... Yes! The beds were super comfy and the pool area was just fine, it cooled the boys off and that's what matters more than anything.

We then had our annual BYU-Hawaii/PCC party in Mesa. I love getting together with our old friends from way back in the day. They are like whanau, aiga, matavuvale, family. Our children didn't want the evening to end and we barely got back to our hotel 10 minutes before midnight! Whew... almost turned into pumkins.

On our way to L&L Hawaiian BBQ
The CrewMe, Gravity and MaryellaOur BYU-Hawaii / PCC Party afterwards..... So much fun!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bubba Totally Hacking the Camp Verde Player

We found this newspaper clip on the Big Park Coyotes vs Camp Verde Cowboys we couldn't stop laughing at how Alexander got caught red handed doing a "hack" job on defending his opponent! We totally lost but all in all it was a fun game.... well I think it was, he begs to differ!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Barn Sale!

We had the greatest time selling some of our wares at a "Barn Sale" located in Camp Verde, AZ last Friday. It wasn't really in a barn but held in the huge front yard of a sweet ol' gal Faye's home. This is a photo of her home and the embience was perfect!

Some of the furniture there were incredible pieces. Done in a the "shabby chic" styles with cute accents. Mel and I brought along our old Mexican tables and sold them before the sale even started. That was a good sign!

It was well worth the trouble of hauling our two loaded vehichles with unwanted items. Remember that catchy phrase, someone elses junk is your treasures... or vice versa! I was so proud of myself for just purchasing $3 worth of "treasures or junk" that whole day.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Greetings from Guadalajara!

Some words from Elder Burke!

Well the area is cool and is gigantic and the people are simply amazing. All the recent converts are all strong members and one young man is allready preparing for his mission. My new mission companion has only two months left so we are working hard. I love it here!

Well, as I can say, I haven't wrote much on this blog in months. I have been so busy with other things and will do little write ups about it soon I promise!