Friday, August 21, 2009

Gluten Free Carrot Cake (Totally Melt in Your Mouth!)

So I made the gluten free carrot cake and it turned out so scrumptious I can't stop eating it so I had to run to the computer to get away from the aroma from the kitchen and the view of the moist, soft, delicious, mouth watering carrot cake! The recipe can be found on the blog and she has so many more recipes I can't wait to try!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Going Gluten Free

After all the head aches, allergies, sinus infections..... you name it! The past year was a bad year when it came to taking ibuprofen and antibiotics. I absolutely hated it! My wonderful neighbor behind me popped over one lazy Sunday afternoon said to me after I whined for 10 minutes about my allergies...."just try it! Go gluten free!" I thought, what the heck... why not! So ever since May of 2009 I have been free of wheat, barley, rye and I even excluded oats. Its now August and to this day I have not had one head ache, no allergies, lost 3 dress sizes and feel a whole lot happier, healthier and energized. I haven't officially gone in to the doctors and had a test done to see if I have celiac disease but if I'm feeling this much better within three months of cutting gluten from my diet I think I'm on the right track. Its just me, the lone ranger in the house that's trying it but I prepare meals for the family that don't have regular pasta anymore, less cookies and cakes but more whole foods and produce.

Brownies and cheese cake are two of my favorite treats I make for my family. They actually love it! Instead of using graham crackers for the base on the cheese cake I mix gluten free flour, butter, pinch of salt and crushed macadamia nuts. To make my brownie mix more gooey and chocolaty I add pure dark semi sweet chocolate chips. I also sweeten baked goods with agave syrup or splenda, which is low on the glycemic index and very good for baking! However there are days when I just want to chow into a nice big piece of warm home made bread my sweet neighbor Ginny brings for the boys and Paul but I know I better not!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Football Season all Over Again!

Its 80 degrees out, all the 12-14 year old boys from Sedona are suited up and ready for their first scrimmage against Cottonwood. We drop Alexander and Luis off at their practice.. then Mana and I continue on stopping at our local discount store trying to find some good deals to send off to Elder Burke. We found a brag album (50 page photo album) some of his favorite candy and a couple more ties (he requested pink? go figure!) Then met up with Paul for dinner at this local restaurant called Kurt's Main St Grille. I ordered the salmon and Paul the rib eye. Its looks perfect! but unfortunately mine is over salted. Why do some chefs love to over salt their food. However, Mana's grilled cheese and fries were perfection... so he says! We jump into the car and take off for the scrimmage and the kids look awesome, pumped up and ready to play. Alexander does a great job, blocking, tackling and running. Not bad for his first game. Mana just had a great time running around the field, up and down the stadium bleachers and trying to do his hand stands. All in all a great day, hopefully its a good sign for the team. Let's go Scorpions!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Day of School! 2009-2010

Can you believe schools already in? Alexander and Mana are in a state of shock! A nice healthy breakfast....bags already packed and ready to go, new classes assigned, a whole new look at their school, extra curriculum all ready started, sounds like a busy year to me! The top photo shows you how they really feel about their first day of school.

Elder Jordan Burke

Dave and Paul before Jordan's Mission BBQ

Mum and missionary son

Cameron, Nick, Jordan, Sonny, Booge (Eric)

Alexander, Elder Burke and Mana

Elder Jordan Mahina Burke

Our very first post to our family blog is about our eldest son who is currently a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is in Provo Utah at the Mission Training Center getting some intense Spanish language studying down. It was awesome receiving our first letter from him. So far he loves being with his peers, getting to know other missionaries and really loves the cafeteria!

Apparently his district is having some kind of competition on who can get the most mail, so if you would like to write to him, his address is:

Elder Jordan Burke
Mexico Guadalajara South Mission
BOX 296-0928
Provo Mission Training Center
Provo UT 84604