Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Elder Jordan Burke

Dave and Paul before Jordan's Mission BBQ

Mum and missionary son

Cameron, Nick, Jordan, Sonny, Booge (Eric)

Alexander, Elder Burke and Mana

Elder Jordan Mahina Burke

Our very first post to our family blog is about our eldest son who is currently a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is in Provo Utah at the Mission Training Center getting some intense Spanish language studying down. It was awesome receiving our first letter from him. So far he loves being with his peers, getting to know other missionaries and really loves the cafeteria!

Apparently his district is having some kind of competition on who can get the most mail, so if you would like to write to him, his address is:

Elder Jordan Burke
Mexico Guadalajara South Mission
BOX 296-0928
Provo Mission Training Center
Provo UT 84604


  1. I'm glad you started a blog! I'll be reading, congrats on your son!

  2. I love your blog Dee! Your a pro!