Monday, October 12, 2009

Fun Mag Covers

Mana, Jordan & Bubba

My nephews - Tai & Tama

I found this great website that you can upload any of your photo's on to a fake magazine cover. Mana just loves it but thinks it should just be Alexander and Jordan on the cover since they both play sports. I also did one with my family and a gag one for my friend of me fitting back into my wedding gown after 20 years of marriage, that cover was called "Bride" but I won't post it on this blog. Go to and have fun!


  1. Ha ha ha You are so fun--You fit back into your wedding gown?!!!! you really ARE my hero. My sister has been diagnosed with ciliac disease...I am sending her to your blog!!

  2. what a great website, looking at your photo's I just realized that you and Mary have no daughters. All Boys!