Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tlaquepaque - Sedona Flood, Sept 2009

Thursday afternoon we received a siren warning from our two golf courses so we knew to grab all our things outside that we didn't want to fly away or get drenched. Within seconds the whole place was surrounded by lightning, thunder, hail and high winds. Monsoon season is a very interesting time here in the heart of Arizona. We love any kind of moisture but when the earth is as dry as it is here, there's no where for it to go but downward. If your home is downward, look out! We have a huge arroyo behind us and it doesn't fill up but it gushes.

By the way, if your visiting this area, you'll see dips in the roads everywhere with an accompanying sign saying "Do not cross when flooded" please don't cross. Too many tourists think, what the heck! its only five feet wide, but little do they know the roads probably disappeared from beneath it.

Well Thursday, it rained for only 35-40 minutes and it caused quite a disturbance near Tlaquepaque and parts of west Sedona.


  1. We played soccer in that! I know, I'm a tough coach and push my players too hard....but boy was it ever fun! :0)

  2. Hahaha.... you crazy, wonderful woman! I know I loved playing in the rain but then I only had one school uniform and the only way to dry it was to hang it over the hot water tank! Soooo Kiwi!

  3. wow that is wild! Hope your house is on higher ground!